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Hello, thank you for clicking my contact page. 
 Who am i? Well, I am Becca a 17 year old Glasgow based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. I share my love for life and tips that i stick to with becoming a young adult.
 The my readers are mostly women (90%) and the vast majority of them are aged between 13 and 34.  Most of my readers live in the UK however closely followed by the USA and then Germany and Ireland. 
All time page views: 16111
DA: 16
Last months stats
Page views: 4000
Twitter:@beccaslovefor_ (1050)
Instagram: @beccasloveforlife_ (965)
Pinterest: @beccaonblog (224) 
Bloglovin: beccasloveforlife (161) 
*All stats are from 1/7/2017

If you still wish to contact me feel free to down below as it would mean a lot to me! 

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