Who I'm Advertising - June 2017

Hey everyone,

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I was running a giveaway to win an advertising spot on my blog, originally I decided to only give away one slot but then i thought... why don't I giveaway four slots. This is my way to give back to my readers and people I talk to on twitter. For me, twitter is a huge part of my life. I have so many friends that I talk to loads. So, who won the giveaway you will be wondering...

Premium package (usually £6) - Jenny in Neverland


Jenny in Neverland is written by the lovely Jenny who started her blog back in 2013. She blogs about a whole range of topics from books, travel, food to blogging tips and tricks. One of my all time favorite blog posts by Jenny is the No-back White Chocolate Oreo Truffles, this is a post from 2016 but who doesn't love an easy and simple treat recipe?


Jenny will be doing a guest post for you all next Wednesday as with my premium package I have decided to let the person guest post for me. I'm so excited to see what you guys think about Jenny's guest post so stay tuned for the post!

Standard package (usually £3) - Live For Luxe


Live For Luxe is written by the fabulous Ashia who just in March started her blog. She blogs all about makeup, fashion and lifestyle/personal type posts. My favorite post my Ashia is her colourpop lipstick review. If you know me i'm a massive fan of makeup and so its no surprise this is one of my favorite posts by Ashia but it also has my color pop wishlist growing so after my birthday on Monday (the 5th of June) I will no doubtingly make a cheeky colourpop haul. 


Standard package (usually £3) - Lily Rose

Lily Rose is written by the gorgeous Victoria who is a lifestyle blogger. Victoria along side her blog has a shop which has a range of jewelry, purses, scarfs and dresses. Currently her shop has a sale on and all pieces are under £8 so would be a great time to check out her shop! My favorite piece in her shop right now must be the grey play suit but unfortunately doesn't come in my size, sad times. My favorite post by Victoria must be her photo diary of her trip in wales

Standard package (usually £3)- velvetblogs


Velvet blogs is written by the wonderful Sanjida. Sanjida has been writing her blog since 2015
and writes all about beauty tips and tricks to her favorite go to products and sometimes incorporates lifestyle and fashion posts as well. My favorite post by Sanjida must be her go to lashes +adhesive post. This post has really made me want to start playing with fake eyelashes again, I have tried them a few times but every time I fail but i'm not going to give up!


Hope you all check out these lovely bloggers and share the love with them as the deserve it!

Lots of love Becca xx

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