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My name is Alyssa, otherwise known as "thatothertwin_xo", I currently am a beauty/lifestyle related blogger with a strong passion towards makeup! If you love makeup, you are in the right place, congrats beauts! I hope you all stick around for this blog post, as Becca kindly invited me to her beautiful blogging page as a guest blogger, thanks so much Becca for this opportunity! I decided to share and come up with a makeup look for you beauts, more specifically a summer makeup tutorial, since summer is coming up and is near approaching! When I think of summer a few beauty related ideas come to mind, I want a nice dewy, bronzed look with a hint of coral. I absolutely love looking tanned for the summer time and adding a pop of coral never hurt anybody.  For this look, I am going to show you beauts, step by step how to achieve this beautiful summer look! Shall we get started or what?

Wash Your Face
First things first, wash that face. It is always important to start with a cleansed face before applying any makeup. Not only does this feel nice, but it helps get any bacteria that has been previously on your face off of it. Now you are ready to go!
Prime Your Face

I am going to go in with a nourishing primer, especially for the summer time. I am going in with my "Hangover Primer" by Benefit cosmetics and applying this all over my entire face. The reason why I love using this primer, especially in the summertime, is that it is so hydrating and I want my skin to be hydrated from the sun. Not only is this a primer but it acts as a moisturizer as well, which is a plus. You always want to ensure you are priming your face, especially if you have a long day ahead of you, just to ensure your makeup stays on all day long.
Face Makeup Application

Moving onto the face makeup, I am going to try to stay as light as possible since I absolutely hate the feeling of a heavy face or makeup that is caked on. I would rather apply this kind of make up for the more colder months, as opposed to the warmer ones. Prior to applying makeup, I already self-tanned or as some people call it "fake tanned" just to create a more bronzed complexion. I never usually apply the self-tanner to my face but wanted to try it out this time, just to see if there was a big difference. I am always afraid of my skin reacting to the tanner since it is more sensitive, but I will let you guys know how it goes! So once I am done tanning, I am then going to go in with my foundation. For foundations in the summer, again I try to do as lightweight as possible. I am going to go in with my foundation called, “True Match by L’oreal ", that I purchased on sale at Shoppers for around $8.00, no joke. After applying this and blending it out with a beauty blender, I am then going to go in with some powder just to set the foundation on my face. I am going in with my trusty "MAC Studio Fix Powder", and applying this all over my face with a big fluffy brush.

Contouring and Highlighting

After I am done setting my face with the powder, I am then going in with some contouring. For contouring, I am going in with my "Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette", in the shade light to medium, and taking the first shade of brown. With this shade, I am applying this to my cheekbones, temples of my forehead, jawline, and the outside to the bridge of my nose. I am then making sure this is all blended out beautifully, and I am not going to shy away from adding a bit more bronzer since this is a summer makeup look. For highlighting, I am going in with my " Superstay Better Skin Concealer ", that I purchased at Shoppers, and applying this to the bridge of my nose, the middle of my forehead, underneath my cheekbones, underneath my eyes, and a little bit above my upper lip and lower lip. I am then going to set the highlighter with a powdered highlighting, simply the yellow from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette, and applying this on top. This just helps to make things "pop", and really add intense highlighting.

Is this good?!
The Eyes
Moving onto the eyes, I wanted to stick to more neutral colours, more specifically some brown shades. I think these are super flattering when it comes to the summer, and really help add definition to your eyes. I am going to be using my lovely "Naked 2" Palette for this look. This palette includes all sorts of beautiful shades of browns in it, so I thought this would be my perfect "go-to" palette to work with. I am going to ensure my eyelids are primed with a primer first. I am going to go in with my absolute favourite primer that I have been using for years now, the gorgeous "Kat Von D High voltage Primer", and apply this all over my lids. After my lids have been primed, I am going to go in with my palette and take the shade, " tease ", and apply this within the crease. I am going to be using my blending brush for this application, ensuring that there are no harsh lines within that crease.

I am then going to take the shade my bronzer.... yes my bronzer.... which is the "Too-Faced Chocolate Soleil ", and apply this beautiful brown shade to the entire lid, pulling this shade within the crease as well. I honestly was looking for a nice brown shade, a very specific shade, and this is what came to mind right away. I never really use bronzers for eyeshadows, so this was very new to me. But hey, why not ?!  I absolutely love the way this turned out.

Now I am going to take my Naked 2 Palette and grab the shade "chopper", and apply this on top of the bronzer. This is going to add more of a shimmer to the look, and really pull the look altogether. Once I am done applying this you are done with the eyeshadow! Now I am not going to add a black liquid liner to this look, as I want this look to look somewhat natural and somewhat not... hence the amount of makeup. I am going to go in with one of my favourite mascaras labeled, "The Falsies Push Up Mascara", and apply this to both the top and bottom lashes. I am then going to focus on the rest of my face, and the finishing touches. I am going to grab my "Nicole Glow Kit" Palette and apply the shade "Forever Young" and apply this as a finishing highlighter. I absolutely love this shade and think it's 100% suitable for summer. I think the bronzer look had me sold, to be honest! I am applying this to the bridge of my nose, the middle of my forehead, my cheekbones, a tiny bit above my lip and that's it! You will honestly see this gorgeous glow from miles away!


After finishing up the rest of my face makeup, I am going to move onto my favourite part.... the lips! I absolutely love any colours that resemble a coral shade or a bright shade when it comes to the summer time. Depending on how bold you are feeling, you can wear this beautiful shade of lipstick called "Vegas Volt" by MAC Cosmetics. Absolutely stunning. It literally makes the look pop and brings it all together. Before applying this lipstick, I am going to line my lips with the shade, "Lasting Sensation " by MAC Cosmetics. I am then going to apply my lipstick and voila! How beautiful does this combo look together?! Whenever you are unsure which liner goes well with your lipstick, you can always ask the ladies that work there, they are super helpful and that's their job! That is exactly what I did or else I would've been there all day long.  I am then going to apply a finishing spray to ensure my makeup stays on all day long and there you have it! A beautiful summer makeup look which is appropriate for day time and night time. Again you can easily change up the lip colour as your eyes are such a natural shade, anything will really look good with brown.

If you are feeling adventurous you can add in some beautiful false lashes!

I hope you beauts enjoyed this makeup look, if you do try out this look comment down below or send me a picture as I am curious to see how your looks turned out! I want to thank Becca again for allowing me to appear on her blogging channel, be sure to follow her account as well as mine at "thatothertwin_xo". You can also follow my other social media accounts located on my homepage for the latest updates and blogs in the near future.

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  1. This is such a lovely look. I can't seem to master false lashes myself though!

    Louise x

    1. False eyelashes are a girls best friend or enemy...
      Personally i cant master them but hey ho it doesn't matter as mascara for me does the job.

      Becca x

  2. Beautiful final look Alyssa, and I love your photos (like always)! Thanks for sharing!

    Britt |