Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks Review

Hey lovlies, 
Before I get into this post I just want to say that I have a new scheduled for blog posts! I am going to be turning out THREE posts a week, who's excited, I definitely am! What days are you thinking about doing you may be wondering, well I am thinking Monday, Wednesday and Saturday... what do you think? I will however be looking for more guest posts so if you want to be featured on my blog do let me know I will be aiming to have a guest post every Wednesday and this will be my way of thanking you all for reading.

I am beyond excited to do this review! I have been  using the Seventeen mega matte lipsticks since September when Seventeen kindly wanted to send me these lipsticks as well as the easy on the eyes palette which i have previously done a review on. Now when they contacted me i was over the moon to say the least. I had been a big fan of Seventeen for at least a year and when they contacted me i had only been blogging a month. Don't ask me why i never put this post up sooner, I guess I have just always had other posts to write about and but this in the back burner. Well today is the day you finally after nine months get to read it!

I was excited when I first opened the packaged to see what shades i got, i had heard loads of things about these bad boys and was ready to put the on straight away! I was kindly sent two colours: I Lilac It A lot and Back To The Fuchsia. Before getting into the review of the lipsticks you can buy them at boots and they retail for £4.49 and quite often there is 3 for 2's on seventeen 

At first glance i loved the packaging, its very sleek and the black matte casing to the lipstick with the white seventeen logo on the top of the lid goes perfectly with seventeens companies packaging. I also liked the shape of the product itself. Unlike most lipsticks, it wasn't a rounded top, it was angled. This is a small detail however makes it unique and stand out. 

Thinking about applying a lilac lipstick was making me severely anxious, i had no idea if it would suit me or if i could pull it off. I was rather wrong, it suited me... however  i still haven't braved it out of the house but that is something with summer approaching i will be doing. 
Now, i have to admit... I don't usually buy matte lipsticks due to one fact, I hate drying lipsticks however these lipsticks have converted me. It wasn't like applying a matte lipstick at all, it was creamy! The colour was very true to the colour in the bullet and that made me so chuffed, usually colours on the lips come up different to the colour in the bullet and that disheartens me... It took a couple minutes to dry matte after applying that but you know something I actually really liked. I loved the fact i could do more than one layer without it smudging or going patchy, I find a lot of lipsticks go patchy in colour so that was a relief. Now, the BIG question... Did it last on my lips? YES! I went about my day, eating and drinking and it didn't smudge but as i expected with most lipsticks it faded but that was to be expected. 

Back to the fuchsia, is a MUCH more wearable colour and I wear it quite a lot. I love fuchsia colours so much, in fact its probobably one of the most common colours in my lipstick collection, that or dark berry tones. Again as I Lilac It A Lot the colour was incredibly accurate to the bullet which i again loved. It again was creamy and smooth on aplicatuon and felt great on the lips unlike other matte lipsticks i own or have used in the past. I was again able to apply a second coat of this lipstick to make the fuchsia colour pop and the colour didn't go patchy so that is a huge thumbs up from me! It lasted on the lips after eating and drinking as I expected so that was fabulous. 
Overall i am very impressed with both of these lipsticks and would recommend anyone who hasn't fallen in love with matte lipsticks because of how drying and uncomfortable they feel on the lips to give these a whirl and hopefully they will be converted to love matte lipsticks just like me.

My favorite out of the two colours has to be Back To The Fuchsia, only because it is a much more wearable everyday colour for me but I do know many people who would happily rock I Lilac It A Lot on a daily basis.

What colour out of the two I received would you buy and also how do you like this longer sort of review to my usual ones. Leave your thoughts below in the comments.

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  1. I like the Back To The Fuchsia for everday wear. The lilac is stunning though but I am not sure I can oull it off! X
    Lola Mia //

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  3. I definitely wouldn't brave the purple out of the house! I am still easing into the lipstick trend, but I LOVE liquid matte lipsticks! My favorites are the ones from Colourpop! :)

  4. I love wearing matte lipsticks, these sound right up my street! I really like the look of the lilac one!


  5. I have never tried wearing matte lipsticks, my sister does and it looks nice on her but I suffer from dry lips and always think I will end up with patchy lips and I assume the matte lipsticks will dry out my lips even more.
    After reading your post I am going to be brave and give it a go. I like both of the shades you tried, both bold colours! Thanks for the review, I like the longer format too. ❤️

  6. I saw "lipstick" and I found my way here 😅 first of all, I love dry lipstick because I tend to lick the creamy one off. Plus these shades are so beautiful; can't wait to see you with the Lilac; plus I love how you say "I lilac it a lot" 😊