Review: Makeup Revolution iconic lights & contour pro kit

Hey lovelies,
Today I have a a review of the Makeup Revolution iconic lights & contour pro kit. I got this palette two or so months ago and I must say its lived up to my expectations and has become a staple product I reach to every time I do my makeup. This palette is £8 and you can get it from TAM BEAUTY or superdug. I have heard this palette being refered to as a dupe of the NYX one however I haven't ever used the NYX one but i do know it is £18, so that means that the Makeup Revolution palette is £10 cheaper.

Goodbye contouring hello strobing and baking

Hey lovelies, you will probably be thinking the same as me, “what, why is contouring dying out”, don’t freak there is two other things on the block to replace, they do the same thing just without using bronzer/dark shades which many people find hard to get correct.

The scales lie!

Hey my lovelies,
I'm writing this post at 11:30pm as something happened today to make me realise that 'scales lie'.

Now as I have recovered from anorexia, I can still struggle to rationalise the number the scale says. For 2 years I constantly weighed myself, at one point it was 7 or 8 times a day, which is now looking back at it ridiculous but at the time it measured my self worth

Pre workout smoothie

Hiya lovelies,
Today I decided I would share with you my pre workout smoothie, this can be substituted for a lunch/ breakfast as well. This smoothie is packed full of nutrients you need before a gym session. I have done two options, one made with almond milk and one made with semi skimmed milk and they both taste identical.

Where I've been...

Hey lovelies,
Sorry again I've been missing... I've taken a break from blogging again for many a reason but I'm back and hopefully one day will feel strong enough to explain why I was missing for the past two months. I'm back and ready to upload more content and have some great ideas of posts I want todo in the near future. Though these posts may slightly change the theme of my blog.