Llama Talks | etsy shop review

Hiya lovelies,
Today is my first blog post in 2017... Doesn't it feel like a fresh start? Today I want to share an etsy shop I stumbled upon on twitter. Ive posted about them on instagram and twitter but want todo a real review on them with prices ect.

So, what is the etsy shop you are going to be talking about you may be thinking. Well, it's Llama Talks. They have a wide range of products from seasonal cards, birthday cards, thank you cards aswell as pon badges, cute wee mirrors and note books.

What did I get? Well, I bought some lovely bits for my friends for their Christmas. I got them each a mirror (all with different pictures on the back) and 2 pin badges each (both of which were the same for all of them).

The ironic thing about the company name is we had named out group "the llama's" which was another reason I purchased from Llama Talks. In total I spent £20 which I think is very reasonable and that included postage. My parcel arrived in 4 days (I ordered on the Thursday and arrived on the Monday (bare in mind the post office is shut on a Sunday).

Lamma Talks have been very kind and have given you (all my readers) a 10% discount code. The code is BECCA10 and is valid till the 15/1/17.

My last etsy shop review is here and if you want to see more in this series let me know!

Until next time
Becca xx

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  1. Oh this is just the cutest, I will definitely keep it in mind for any future presents I get! I am obsessed with you blog, so glad I found it, your hard work is completely paying off! x


  2. I love that you support Etsy stores! Small businesses value support like this so much. Llama Talks has the cutest designs that I can see in your image, i'll definitely head over there!

    Leanne xx | Latte Leanne

  3. So cute!! I want!

    Darriyan xo