Grow your blog/ business with snapchat!

Hey lovelies,
Today I want to talk about ways to use snapchat to grow your blog/ business...

Why use snapchat?

Well, snapchat has more users than twitter alone and has a lot more active users aswell, thought twitter brought you a lot of traffic well, snapchat can too bring loads of traffic.

Snapchat allows smart phone users to capture a photo and send it for up to 10 seconds or less and send videos for up to 10 seconds also. You can post to your story where all your followers can see what you are up to or to solely a select few of your friends. You can restrict people to see your story in settings but for your blog or brand allowing everyone too see is very beneficial! Just a heads up, when you first make your snapchat account your story is set to private so you will most likely want to change that.

Llama Talks | etsy shop review

Hiya lovelies,
Today is my first blog post in 2017... Doesn't it feel like a fresh start? Today I want to share an etsy shop I stumbled upon on twitter. Ive posted about them on instagram and twitter but want todo a real review on them with prices ect.

So, what is the etsy shop you are going to be talking about you may be thinking. Well, it's Llama Talks. They have a wide range of products from seasonal cards, birthday cards, thank you cards aswell as pon badges, cute wee mirrors and note books.