Superdrug Haul June 2017

Hello my lovelies,

Its almost been a few weeks since I last posted, i'm sorry. I have been really busy with school and just having a fab time with my friends. So lets get on with the superdrug haul!

Amphora Aromatics Shampoo Bars

Hey my lovelies, hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! I have had a pretty amazing weekend so far as its my birthday weekend. Today I have a post all about the Amphora Aromatics solid shampoo bars that i was kindly sent over. Now I personally only have the brilliantly balancing shampoo bar but I am going to add in descriptions about all of the range as i know not everyone will have normal to oily hair like me. There are all together there is eight different shampoo bars you can buy and all suit different hair types. 

Who I'm Advertising - June 2017

Hey everyone,

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I was running a giveaway to win an advertising spot on my blog, originally I decided to only give away one slot but then i thought... why don't I giveaway four slots. This is my way to give back to my readers and people I talk to on twitter. For me, twitter is a huge part of my life. I have so many friends that I talk to loads. So, who won the giveaway you will be wondering...

Seventeen cosmetics

Hey everyone,
Hope you are all well and enjoying your bank holiday weekend so far! 

Today I have a post all about seventeen cosmetics. Seventeen cosmetics is a UK based cosmetic company and you can buy their products in boots stores and online. Their products are very reasonably priced and are in the middle of the price range when it comes to drugstore makeup. Their prices start at just £1.99 to £10. What a great bargain! 

Favourite MUA Eyeshadow Palettes - Guest post by Beauty Folio

Hey everyone,

Becca here and hope that you are all well. I just want to apologise for missing my last two uploads, things have been hectic with exam  but I will be back to my schedule as of today. My next upload will be Saturday as I said in my last post I will be posting three times a week: Monday, Wednesday (which will be a guest post) and Saturday’s. If you want to guest post you can contact me via my contact page. Anyways let’s get into the post that Beauty Folio (Emma) wrote for you all and I hope you enjoy! Make sure to check out her blog and let us both know in the comments what you think about this post!

Benefit Beams Review - guest post

Hi lovelies, 
I was over the moon to be invited by Becca to write a guest post on her blog beccasloveforlife. My name is Natalie and I run a blog called Island Beauty Junkie ( I am a total makeup junkie. I am addicted to buying new makeup and skincare products and love to review them on my blog.

Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks Review

Hey lovlies, 
Before I get into this post I just want to say that I have a new scheduled for blog posts! I am going to be turning out THREE posts a week, who's excited, I definitely am! What days are you thinking about doing you may be wondering, well I am thinking Monday, Wednesday and Saturday... what do you think? I will however be looking for more guest posts so if you want to be featured on my blog do let me know I will be aiming to have a guest post every Wednesday and this will be my way of thanking you all for reading.

I am beyond excited to do this review! I have been  using the Seventeen mega matte lipsticks since September when Seventeen kindly wanted to send me these lipsticks as well as the easy on the eyes palette which i have previously done a review on. Now when they contacted me i was over the moon to say the least. I had been a big fan of Seventeen for at least a year and when they contacted me i had only been blogging a month. Don't ask me why i never put this post up sooner, I guess I have just always had other posts to write about and but this in the back burner. Well today is the day you finally after nine months get to read it!

Mental Health Awareness week - Natalie's story

Hello, readers! 
My name is Natalie Benton from Gorgeous And Geeky (link).  In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week (8 May - 14 May), I was invited by Becca to write a guest post about my experience with mental health and where I am currently.  This post took me a lot of time and effort; I've never publicly spoken about my past.  Please be aware that this post may contain sensitive material, which could lead to heightened negative emotions. If you become upset or triggered while reading this, please stop reading and utilize the coping mechanisms that work for you.   Here we go...

How Do You Define You - guest post

This is a guest post written by Courtney Stewart, the creator/writer of - a lifestyle and personal style blog centered on encouraging positive personal growth, slaying style, and boosting lifestyle!

Summer Time Makeup Look - guest post

Hey, viewers of "beccasloveforlife"!

My name is Alyssa, otherwise known as "thatothertwin_xo", I currently am a beauty/lifestyle related blogger with a strong passion towards makeup! If you love makeup, you are in the right place, congrats beauts! I hope you all stick around for this blog post, as Becca kindly invited me to her beautiful blogging page as a guest blogger, thanks so much Becca for this opportunity! I decided to share and come up with a makeup look for you beauts, more specifically a summer makeup tutorial, since summer is coming up and is near approaching! When I think of summer a few beauty related ideas come to mind, I want a nice dewy, bronzed look with a hint of coral. I absolutely love looking tanned for the summer time and adding a pop of coral never hurt anybody.  For this look, I am going to show you beauts, step by step how to achieve this beautiful summer look! Shall we get started or what?

Indy Luxe Makeup Brushes

Hiya lovelies,
Today I have a post all about these gorgeous Indy Luxe brushes. If you follow me on twitter or instagram or even snapchat you will have seen how excited i was for my brushes to arrive. I'm probably sure i bored you, oops...

Love yourself more...

Hey loves,
Today I bring you a post all about why you need to put yourself first at times and the importance of self-love in your daily lives over the self-hate you may be feeling just now…This is a carry on from a post written a few months ago by a guest blogger called we all need a little you time and the link can also be end on the post along with a few other posts that i think are relevant to this topic. 

Review: Makeup Revolution iconic lights & contour pro kit

Hey lovelies,
Today I have a a review of the Makeup Revolution iconic lights & contour pro kit. I got this palette two or so months ago and I must say its lived up to my expectations and has become a staple product I reach to every time I do my makeup. This palette is £8 and you can get it from TAM BEAUTY or superdug. I have heard this palette being refered to as a dupe of the NYX one however I haven't ever used the NYX one but i do know it is £18, so that means that the Makeup Revolution palette is £10 cheaper.

Goodbye contouring hello strobing and baking

Hey lovelies, you will probably be thinking the same as me, “what, why is contouring dying out”, don’t freak there is two other things on the block to replace, they do the same thing just without using bronzer/dark shades which many people find hard to get correct.

The scales lie!

Hey my lovelies,
I'm writing this post at 11:30pm as something happened today to make me realise that 'scales lie'.

Now as I have recovered from anorexia, I can still struggle to rationalise the number the scale says. For 2 years I constantly weighed myself, at one point it was 7 or 8 times a day, which is now looking back at it ridiculous but at the time it measured my self worth

Pre workout smoothie

Hiya lovelies,
Today I decided I would share with you my pre workout smoothie, this can be substituted for a lunch/ breakfast as well. This smoothie is packed full of nutrients you need before a gym session. I have done two options, one made with almond milk and one made with semi skimmed milk and they both taste identical.

Where I've been...

Hey lovelies,
Sorry again I've been missing... I've taken a break from blogging again for many a reason but I'm back and hopefully one day will feel strong enough to explain why I was missing for the past two months. I'm back and ready to upload more content and have some great ideas of posts I want todo in the near future. Though these posts may slightly change the theme of my blog.

Top 5 favourite blogs of February 2017

Hey everyone, long time no post :( but I'm hoping to be back for good! 

Grow your blog/ business with snapchat!

Hey lovelies,
Today I want to talk about ways to use snapchat to grow your blog/ business...

Why use snapchat?

Well, snapchat has more users than twitter alone and has a lot more active users aswell, thought twitter brought you a lot of traffic well, snapchat can too bring loads of traffic.

Snapchat allows smart phone users to capture a photo and send it for up to 10 seconds or less and send videos for up to 10 seconds also. You can post to your story where all your followers can see what you are up to or to solely a select few of your friends. You can restrict people to see your story in settings but for your blog or brand allowing everyone too see is very beneficial! Just a heads up, when you first make your snapchat account your story is set to private so you will most likely want to change that.

Llama Talks | etsy shop review

Hiya lovelies,
Today is my first blog post in 2017... Doesn't it feel like a fresh start? Today I want to share an etsy shop I stumbled upon on twitter. Ive posted about them on instagram and twitter but want todo a real review on them with prices ect.

So, what is the etsy shop you are going to be talking about you may be thinking. Well, it's Llama Talks. They have a wide range of products from seasonal cards, birthday cards, thank you cards aswell as pon badges, cute wee mirrors and note books.