Lush Boxing Day Sale

Hello my lovelies,

I wanted to address the LUSH Cosmetics sale that has been going on this boxing day. I have seen so much over it on twitter and in actual fact lush have actually probably made a lot of profit out of it because it's been trending on twitter all day.

To customers unfairness waiting times have been ridiculous BUT what would you expect if you went into a real life shop, ques!! And that's what many of you have found today on their website.

To everyone saying the Lush Sale failed, no it didn't. They sold out of stock and thats just the reality of such a big hyped up business with such fabulous products.

The lovely Francesca on twitter tweeted this and it puts it into perspective actually how silly it is moaning over some products being half price when some people in this world are dying or in harms way.

The Lush team are doing their absolute all to keep things moving but when I went on I was almost 100,000 in the queue and that's a LOT of people to please.

Maybe lush will learn next year and maybe the sale items won't be put online and only in stores, yes to most people's annoyance but it could be the only way to keep waiting times at bay.

Hope you all realise how much lush have tried but each year their demand grows and grows and they obviously didn't realise the amount of demand they would have.

Until next time
Becca xx

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