Looking for a present for your dog?

Hey lovelies,
Today I have a special blog post!! It's all about presents for your pouches!!

As a dog owner myself, I know how much we all love spoiling our wee pups loads and loads and if your dogs like mine they love presents! My dog hasn't tried/ seen any of the presents yet so all I can say is from my own personal viewing of the products.

The lovely guys/ gals at Biscuiteers sent me the days of the week doggy treats. Now, you get 7 small bags/ pouches of small dog treats and one larger bone shaped biscuit (I won't be giving my dog the full thing in a go). All seven of the doggy bag treats are all different flavours and right now I can tell you my dog WILL LOVE them because he's such a foodie.  The box costs £35.00  which in my opinion is well worth it as you get a lovely tin box at the end of it!


 The last two products I have bought my dog is the dog deli tasty chicken popcorn treats. I got these in tkmaxx and if I'm right they were £1.50. I also got him the natural nippies dog pillow which was £3.99 and also from tkmaxx. The pillow can go in the microwave for 30 seconds. My dog loves warm things at this time of year so know he will love it!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and hope you treat your dog/dogs amazing on Christmas day and I have given you some ideas of treats you can get them. 

What are you getting your dog this Christmas? 

Until next time
Becca xx 

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