BEAT Christmas Appeal

Hey loves, 
as many of you will be aware, i am recovering from anorexia... At this time of year it is very hard for me and many others who suffer from any sort of eating disorder (anorexia is one of many eating disorders) i have written a post on SURVIVING CHRISTMAS WITH AN EATING DISORDER…/surviving-christm… but it would be much appreciate to me if you could donate to BEAT (eating disorder charity) there is many ways you can do this but here is the link to the Christmas appeal - i myself have donated and it would mean the world to not only me but many others who suffer with eating disorders or are recovering and their families.

BEAT help those who are suffering with eating disorders and they have both a helpline for adults and one for youths (to my awareness this is the only charity/ organisation that has both an adult and youth helpline). The help line is open 365 days a year to help those in need of a chat to talk about their worries/ concerns. They don't only help those suffering from eating disorders but also professionals and cares/ family members. They run peer support groups (both online and face to face), events and they too have message board section on their website where people can chat to others suffering from eating disorders to try get advice on ways to cope.  

Ways to donate: 

Text - use code UAUA05 and then followed by your donation amount from anything more than £1 to 70070 

Example to donate £10 text: UAUS05 £10 

Online Donation -

Phone -  01603753336 to pay by debit or credit card

What Your Money Can Do:

£5 - can send an information pack to someone suffering/ affected from an eating disorder

£35 - can help run the help line for half an hour 

£50 - can help run an online support group for carers of people with an eating disorder

£100 - can help fund a beat helpline support worker for a day 

Thanks for reading and until next time

Becca xx

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