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A month since i last posted...

I am lost at the moment, not enjoying anything... It's a real struggle.

So for now while i'm lost within myself i have decided i'm going to do a series all about mental healthy recovery and ways in which people can help themselves feel stronger and more positive within themselves. in doing this i'm hoping that this will help not only you reading this  BUT me too with ways in which we can all help better our mental health.

So, today i have decided that i'm going to kick things off with  a "SAFE BOX"or a "DISTRACTION BOX" or a "HAPPY BOX"
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Ideas to put into your box

  1. positive quotes: these are very helpful to help reassure you things will get better and it helps ground you on those days you struggle the most. 
  2. photo album: this is amazing to see photos of fun days/ trips and good times you have had and can help you see that things will get better and you will have more happy days. 
  3. chocolate: now, chocolate is a life savior... it has chemicals in it that help you feel loved for and safe (whats better??)
  4. lavender essential oil: very calming/ relaxing scent can help calm the mind and also send you to sleep if your having issues sleeping.
  5.  motivational temporary tattoos// motivationaltattoos
hope you all try this out for yourself and take care of all your beautiful bodies!!

love Becca xx

*none of these photos are mine but i have tagged the web addresses as to where i found them.


  1. Ooohh I love this idea! Seems supernice to have this little piece of happiness to help you through a dark time! I'm definitely going to make a happiness box. Thanks for the idea :D

  2. This is such a lovely idea! Maybe one day you should show us your box! I'd love to see your favourite quotes etc. xx

    The Frugal Teen |

    1. Its a post i am working on! Hopefully will be up in the next month or so so keep an eye out for it!