Guest post – We all need a little me time

Hey loves,
Today Emily has kindly written this guest post for me. If you don't know who she is she blogs at emilyybecca and you should all go check out her blog after you read this post awesome and helpful post!

We can all get caught up in the ongoing hustle and bustle in life and sometimes forget that: wait, I'm actually human and can't run on these impulsive fumes forever. I have to maintain myself.

But maintaining ourselves? That sounds like a lot of pampering work and time, time we may not have. But it is definitely less intricate than some may think.

Self-maintenance is, in my eyes, you time. Time for you. A very broad, subjective term but then again, that is exactly the point. Within these precious moments, you do you. And, if you're anything like me, someone who may adapt their personality or ways within a particular group of people, this is the time to do or feel or be whoever you want, because this is for your benefit.

Personally for me, when I have some me time I may go on a walk, do some yoga, write a blog post or generally write in a diary or notepad, doodle, play with my dog, light a candle, play some piano or guitar, sing, read, even just make some tea and sit down for a bit and scroll endlessly on pinterest!

We are all dissimilar, of course we are. So for me to tell you to do this and that to help engage with yourself would be rather screwy of me. I am no mind reader, however I do know for some it's not as easy as thinking about what you may want to do to actually know what relaxes and refreshes you. So my advice is experiment. Look at what some people find therapeutic such as colouring, reading or having a bath and facial, and try them out. Also, look to your hobbies and interests, as, say if you are a creative artsy person, it may be as simple as doodling or sketching - you may have just not realised how content you are doing such things because you're in your zone!

That is also a cardinal point in my meaning of you time, you familiarise yourself with artefacts about yourself you may not have known before, loves, hates, triggers, relaxants and maybe even more. And of course knowing yourself that little bit better means you have that little bit more of a hold on your life, especially if you may be struggling with anxiety or other matters that may mean you require more you time than others.

Going back to being someone who may adapt to certain elements of themselves and their personality depending on who you may be with. Of course there is nothing wrong about this, as we are diverse people, we have so many components in our personality. But my point is, you time helps not only you get to know yourself, but others too. Think of it this way. If you know how you react, what you like, what may discomfort you - you'll know to reach out to or avoid those things and/or people attached. Thus, you will be with people who correlate well with you and may be like you, or will come to know more about you. Which, to me, creates tight bonds and amazing friendships with people! So you can make the most of your social life.

Lastly, I can't not leave out the generic things. Because they are wholeheartedly true. You time and self-maintenance will make you a healthier, happier person, in the mind and body. Which reflects into everyday life whether it be school, work, travelling, social, creativity, family - literally anything! Because you haven't got a repressed weight baring you down, one you may have not been aware of, but of course can be!

I hope you liked this post and found it interesting maybe, and a big big thank you for Becca for letting me do this guest post on her blog! Writing it was actually quite interesting and reflective for me!

If you would like, maybe take a look over at my blog: emilyybecca

Again a big thank you!

Em x


  1. I love this post.. it is really important to have me time! I am so in love with your blog, keep up your amazing work beautiful gal! x

  2. Thank you so very much! Means so much to me!
    Becca xx