Hey loves, 
If you follow me on Twitter (@beccaonblog) you know that I recently became apart of the GRLPOWR squad. GRLPOWR stands for Girl power....

We are a blogger community created by amazing friendship and positivity! We created a Twitter account @GRLPOWRCHAT. Where we will host our own weekly chats (2 a week and they lasting 2 hours), events and much much more! 
I met girls earlier this week and they are one of the best things that has happened to me this year! We get along like a dream and we don’t even know each other very well yet. There is a lot of us, but in some respects makes it easier to get along better because the chat changes incredibly fast and we talk about all sorts in a day. 
Make sure to check out every babe out and give them a follow on Twitter, to keep upto date with their blogs and lies in general. They are truly amazing and inspiring people who deserve every single follow in this planet! 
Here’s the GRLPOWR community :
Em ( @ohfab ) : ohfab.co.uk

Nusha (@nushablog)

We didn’t create this just  to get "popular" and "famous". We created this as our goal is to help & support each other and most importantly spread positivity, love, kindness, happiness … We are always here if you need anything or just want a positive chat! 
Make sure to follow us on Twitter and join the chats using the #GRLPOWR in tweet! We also rt quite a lot of of people's new posts if they use the hashtag and tag us. We are also thinking of having an instagram. So let us know if you would like to see a #GRLPOWR instagram! 
Lots of love Becca 


  1. Such a lovely idea and the most loveliest bunch of girls too!


    1. aww, thanks a million. Means a lot to us all xxx