Bath products to help boost your mood

Hey everyone,
Today I wanted to share my love of baths and a few products I have been using recently and much enjoying for boosting my mood.

Over the past several weeks, I have came across loads of Bath review based instagram accounts and it's inspired me to have more baths.

I must say, I haven't always been a bath person, I have always been a shower person but over the past several months I have been going in baths much more often and I have been greatly enjoying them.

I have been buying more less known bath products aswell as from popular yet amazing brand lush cosmetics.

On instagram I kept seeing photos like the above (this is my own photo however) and I kept wondering, why do so many people do it? So I finally jumped to do it and seriously it was a great experiment that went wonderfully! I loved this bath so very much and it was so nice seeing all the products merge together and foam uo and make a beautiful baby pink colour.

I love baths for when I want to cheer myself up. The smell, colour and just relaxing helps me relax and bring some happiness back into my life.

In this bath I used

Sometimes in the evening I add lavender oil to my bath as I struggle to sleep at times and lavender oil manages to do the trick in helping me feel sleepy and more relaxed. I much recommend if you feel anxious a lot to try this or you want something to help you sleep better.

What do you love in your bath and be sure to tag me in photos on instagram of your lovely baths
Lots of love
Becca x


  1. This sounds wonderful! Sadly my house doesn't have a bath - so I've been missing the relaxed feeling from baths since I was 16 & our bathroom was renovated,
    A bath like this would be perfect right now though!

    Sarah xo //

    1. aww i have seen things where people will do things like this in a shower.
      Becca xx

  2. I usually only have showers too. I do sometimes love having a bath though if I've been sat sunbathing in the afternoon when the weather is nice. I tend to just use whatever bubble bath I have lying around that people have given me for birthdays/Christmas :) x

    1. sounds amazing! i am the same i prefer someone buying me bath products than me buy them :)

  3. They're so cute. But I think I will not get them in India.

  4. They're so cute. But I think I will not get them in India.