Why I am no longer promoting coconut lane!

Hey loves,
Today I regret to say I am going to have to be honest to you as to why myself I'm pulling out of promoting coconut lane and why I took down my post about them.

Picture credit to Beth (www.bethlouise.com) 
Last night when I was bored I was scrolling through twitter stumbled upon @sarajdocker's tweet about her post about coconut lane of course I was going to read! Here's the link if you want to have a read I very much recommend you do! 

Basically in the post above she talks about how she found a phone case on eBay for £7 and coconut lane had it on their website for £20 (shows you how much profit they would be making but also it won't be amazing quality for the price). The phone case has now been taken off of their website but if you would like a look here is the link to the eBay seller. I think it was a good thing coconut lane decided to take down the product as it shows they want a more highly recommend brand and not anymore backlash around their pro. Many people have found dupes of their products for half the price, though coconut lane say they don't dupe products nor buy them from factory's in China wich mass produce these pro very cheaply.

Another big thing around coconut lane is thier bogging Queens "Coconut Queens". Basically any blogger who fits the brand gets a special 50% code so they can buy coconut lanes products and review them. They give the Coconut Queens 20% off codes for their reader which also in return they give the Queens 25% commission on. In @BethXLouiseX's tweet below 89 people have voted and 92% of them haven't received commission yet some people know that readers have bought via their code because they have been told yet haven't received their commission. Although, 8% have recived commission but if you think about that, that's hardly anyone. Beth also did a post like mine and can be found here.

These stats got me thinking...Why would I want to support and advise my readers to buy from this brand if I don't agree with what and who they are. Would i like another blogger to be dishonest to me, of course I wouldn't and I'm all about being honest to my readers! 

Part of me feels bad because I read coconut lane's post dedicated to all this drama around their brand and I found out it was two 23 year olds who run it and don't have much money, although I may feel bad about this I do however feel they have been dishonest to us bloggers. So, why should I ultimately feel bad for them?

I hope coconut lane learn from these mistakes and better their brand for the future. I know many on twitter have given them pointers and I will list mine here also:

  • Make sure all your products are unique (or as unique as can be) 
  • Don't lie to bloggers regarding commission (if I were you I wouldnt do commission unless the blogger drives loads of sales) 
  • Maybe make a cut off make of how many followers or page views bloggers have. I know many brands say 2000 followers or 1000 page views a month. 
I hope this clears things up and I hope if coconut lane read this take something from my pointers! 

Have you had a bad experience with any other brands like this? If so let me know in the comments. 

Lots of love 
Becca x

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