No need to have a thigh gap to be stunning!

Hey guys, I wanted to write a post that would affect mostly everyone in this world except a small percentage and that is the so called thigh gap.

Online we are taught it is natural to have a thigh gap and its beautiful and when we have this thigh gap we will be happy, but is this really the case?

For a very small percentage of people they are lucky enough to be born with a thigh gap because of the width of their hips (wider set hips) but for the rest of us (me included) naturally don't have a thigh gap. So for us it isn't natural to have a thigh gap. It doesn't mean we are different than someone with a  thigh gap or they're prettier than us in fact we are all beautiful in our own ways. 

If you don't have that perfect thigh gap that society wants you to have it doesn't matter you are PRETTY, BEAUTIFUL, SMART AND YOU DEFINITELY HAVE WORTH! Don't let society get you down over something you may not have but just remember it isn't natural for everyone to have a thigh gap. Don't get stressed about not having a thigh gap and go on x,y and z diets because it is not natural for you to have a thigh gap and you will only make yourself hate your body even more (and none of us want that).

I remember when I had that perfect thigh gap before I was admitted to hospital for anorexia I couldn't see I had a thigh gap and even at times I did I always thought "oh it could be bigger". A thigh gap will not make you happy in fact for me it made me feel the exact opposite.

Remember you are pretty without a thigh gap and you do not need one to be beautiful as we are all beautiful in our own ways, it could be your smile, hair, eyes ect.


Lots of love Becca xx

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