August 2016 beauty favorites

Hey lovelies, how are you all?
So i have decided to start a new series and it will be a monthly one, all about my beauty favorites! I love reading these sorts of posts so thought, "why don't I write my own beauty favorites every month". Hope you all enjoy this new series.
                         August 2016 beauty favorites

Rosie's Wax Melts | Etsy series

Hey lovelies,

Today I am  kicking off my new blog series, it's a very exciting day for me! I have decided after I saw Imogen do an etsy series I thought "there are so many small etsy shops needing some love" and that's why i have decided to do a similar series.


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If you follow me on Twitter (@beccaonblog) you know that I recently became apart of the GRLPOWR squad. GRLPOWR stands for Girl power....

Garnier skincare haul

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Today I have a garnier skin care haul.  I saw garnier had a new range for dehydrated and sensitive skin and currently my skin is incredibly dry and needing rehydrated. Everything I have tried so far hasn't helped much at all. 

Bath products to help boost your mood

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Today I wanted to share my love of baths and a few products I have been using recently and much enjoying for boosting my mood.

Rollasole Review | roll up shoes for after a night out

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Hope you are all well and enjoying the weather as it's finally decided to brighten up. As the weather has brightened up and the lovely people at Rollasole sent me these beautiful shoes I thought I would do a post on them.

Why I am no longer promoting coconut lane!

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Today I regret to say I am going to have to be honest to you as to why myself I'm pulling out of promoting coconut lane and why I took down my post about them.
Picture credit to Beth ( 

Products I'm loving by lush cosmetics!

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Today I have my first of many posts all about the things I'm lushing over from lush.

Fabulous money saving ideas on skincare

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Today i have a post about saving money with skin care. I know myself that skin care can easily get very expensive but it doesnt have to be incredibly expensive to work/help your skin. This post is good for those who are wanting to try new products and or are on a budget.

Great review of the Makeup Revolution blush palettes

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Today i bring you a post about the wonderful makeup revolution blush palettes. I am a massive fan of makeup revolution and the sister/ brother brands of makeup revolution (MUA and Freedom). They are all under the branch TAMBEAUTY. Everything is incredibly reasonably priced and great quality. They are all great brands to try if you're on a budget (or not) and want to try new brands or test of specific colours of products before splurging on something you have no idea would suit you.  

Top five bath and beauty products | guest post

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As you can see by the title today this is a guest post... so let me introduce you to Imogen who
blogs over at She blogs about lifestyle, fashion
and beauty. If you enjoy the way she writes be sure to head over to her blog and share the love and say Becca sent you!

Bath and beauty are the products I'm drawn to most when I'm strolling through town or scanning
some online shops and I thought I'd share my top 5 with you guys because I reckon I've found
some real gems and to make it even better, every product is under £10! Of course it's super
important that you pay attention to what you're using because everything is applied to your skin.
Everybody's skin is different, and if you're anything like me and your skin is hella sensitive then you'll know it's can be a struggle finding products that won't irritate you or bring you out in a rash -
especially bath products. I've mentioned 4 of these products in previous posts before so if you
want a more in depth view you can go and have a look. But anyway, let's get started!

No need to have a thigh gap to be stunning!

Hey guys, I wanted to write a post that would affect mostly everyone in this world except a small percentage and that is the so called thigh gap.

Online we are taught it is natural to have a thigh gap and its beautiful and when we have this thigh gap we will be happy, but is this really the case?