Addressing Self Harm Misconceptions

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It’s very likely you know someone who has experienced self harm. It’s scary to think 1 in 12 teens self harm: that is almost 2 teens in every class room. You may not have realised the statistics were that high but, yes they unfortunately are....

Lush Boxing Day Sale

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I wanted to address the LUSH Cosmetics sale that has been going on this boxing day. I have seen so much over it on twitter and in actual fact lush have actually probably made a lot of profit out of it because it's been trending on twitter all day.

A year in anorexia recovery + new year goals

Hey everyone
Today I have a post that reflects on my past year in anorexia recovery and my 2017 year goals.

The Christmas Tag

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I was tagged by lovely Jordanne (@ofaglasgowgirl / thelifeofaglasgowgirl) to do the Christmas tag and I'm so glad she tagged me.  It's now only 4 days and 9 hours and 39 minutes till Christmas (as of Tuesday the 20th of December at 2:18pm). 

Looking for a present for your dog?

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Today I have a special blog post!! It's all about presents for your pouches!!

Stocking Fillers | Makeup Lovers

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Today as I promised a few days ago on instagram I have the post you have all been waiting for... Yes, none of you knew what the post was about (kept that a secret)  but I did post a picture to tease you all!

I have put together a few of my favourite makeup items of the moment (all of which are in different price ranges) and things I would love to find in my stocking!

BEAT Christmas Appeal

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as many of you will be aware, i am recovering from anorexia... At this time of year it is very hard for me and many others who suffer from any sort of eating disorder (anorexia is one of many eating disorders) i have written a post on SURVIVING CHRISTMAS WITH AN EATING DISORDER…/surviving-christm… but it would be much appreciate to me if you could donate to BEAT (eating disorder charity) there is many ways you can do this but here is the link to the Christmas appeal - i myself have donated and it would mean the world to not only me but many others who suffer with eating disorders or are recovering and their families.

Seventeen Easy On The Eye | The Big Smoke

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Today I have an exciting post all about a product seventeen sent me recently. You can purchase seventeen products at boots.

5 Red Lipstick 💄

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Today I have decided to share with you my favorite red lipsticks as, well your aware is only 2 and a bit weeks till Christmas. I am a huge socker for red lipsticks.

On the top right there is the 17 supreme shine lipstick in Red Devil. This was kindly given to me by Silvia her YouTube channel link is here. We did a swap last June for our birthday and I love everything she got me.

Underneath the 17 lipstick is my only mac lipstick in on hold. I got this for £10 as I had a £5 off voucher for Debenhams so that was a great bargain and only a few quid dearer than a Maybelline lipstick. My mum keeps stealing this lipstick as its a very natural red and it is actually one of my favourite red lipstick of all time.

On the top right is the collection (little mix range) lipstick in Leigh Anne. This is a very nice dark red lipstick which is just a lovely shade of red.

Underneath the Leigh Anne lipstick is the MUA lipstick in shade 13. This is a great lipstick for only £1. You cant go wrong with this lovely bright red lipstick as its so cheap.

Underneath MUA lipstick in shade 13 is the collection little mix lipstick in Jesy. This is a great bright red lipstick.

Have you tried any of these red lipsticks? If you have which ones have you tried and tell me if you liked them. Or if you haven't what's your favourite red lippie just now?

Until next time

Becca xx

My beauty wishlist for Christmas!

Hey lovelies, 

It's the second (I repeat the SECOND!) of December and I thought I would share with you all the beauty aspects of my Christmas list. I know many of you will have posts like this so if you do leave the link to them below, without a further a do let's get onto the beauty bits!

NYX Liquid Seued Cream Lipstick– I’ve seen these absolutely everywhere, and I question whether or not they’re overrated but I’ve genuinely heard nothing but amazing things about them. I would definitely be after the shade - SUBVERSIVE SOCIALITE. 

ZOEVA Rose Golden Face Pallet- though I haven't seen much about this pallet, it's love at first sit on the website. At £12.50 this us incredibly reasonably priced, and I love my face pallets so this will hopefully be something in the near future I get my hands on. 

Zoella Beauty Bath Bombinis- these gorgeous Christmas bath fizzers from Zoella's Christmas 2016 rang look absolutely beautiful and warming on those cold winter nights

Now, there are hundreds more things I could put on my Christmas beauty list but I want to see what yours are before I definitely decided what else I want to ask for. 

Lots of love 
Becca x

New brands on BEAUTY BAY!

Hey lovelies, 

If your like me you like to know all the latest gossip on the latest beauty releases/ what new websites are stalking certain brands. Well, your in the right place just now! As BEAUTY BAY have a few new brands on their website NOW!



OUAI founder Jen Atkin, wanted to create 'breath of fresh hair' by offering products that make
modern and effortless style achievable every day. Translating as yes in a casual Parisian way. OUAI haircare is simple, affordable and classic.

 BH Cosmetics

Inspired by the styles, trends and cultures of their L.A. home, BH Cosmetics aim to help you express your individuality with one 'bold, brilliant and beautiful colour at a time'.

BEAUTY BAY also have many other fabulous brands all on their website and that makes it so easy to buy everything in one place and they very often have FABULOUS deals on!

Love Becca

* there are affiliate links on this page but it would mean so much to me if you are planning on buying through their website to click via my links as it will help me make new and better content for you lovely lot!

Surviving Christmas with an eating disorder...

Hey beautiful's
For most of us, the Christmas period is about indulgence and eating whatever the heck we want and, not worrying about it until the new year. Approximately 1 in 5 people suffer from a form of an eating disorder in their life time (that's 6 people in every class room of 30).

For those suffering from eating disorders (i'm included), Christmas can be a very troubling time. A month long nightmare, as shops get into the full festive swing and the build-up to the Christmas dinner begins. The anxiety stirs in our bellies, to the build up of Christmas dinners and parties.
This can be a very overwhelming feeling if you struggle with an eating disorder. the changes in routine, the expectations around socializing and food all contribute to stress and pressure. 
It's not about eating all or nothing. It is about listening to your body/ cravings and knowing that it is OK to have what you want and remembering that it is only one day and nothing awful will happen if you change the rules, and remembering that Christmas is not just about food. Food is only a part of it. Remember this is something that you can enjoy, but will require some planning.
Christmas is a time, that eating disorder thoughts/ feelings may punish you. The nature of an eating disorder, is such that it wants you to feel afraid and anxious so that you stick to its rules. Trying to quiet the thoughts in your head by not allowing it to take over, and think about what you need to do to help with this. It could be that you need someone to plate up your food or make sure a "triggering food" isn't around. 

Things to be mindful of:

  • Time alone can bring up a mixture of feelings. Be mindful of becoming isolated and try to stay in touch with someone if you can
  • Try not to let the idea of Christmas dictate the days and weeks running up to it, and don't compensate because you know that Christmas day you will have a bigger intake as at the end of the day, one day wont effect your weight long term -as much as your eating disorder will tell you it will, it WONT-
  • The post-Christmas period can also be stressful and isolating, in part due to the emphasis on diets and New Year resolutions. Think about having a support structure in place and try to plan for potential stress that may arise.
  • Understandably, you may become very anxious about talking to someone. Try to keep lines of communication open. Acknowledge that this time of year may heighten your stress around food and let others know this can be difficult for you. Try to speak to someone you trust and they may be able to help you rationalize your thoughts and create a plan of action for Christmas day/ the lead up.
Some of you may know that i am recovering from anorexia and this is actually going to be my second year in recovery around the Christmas period. I thought that this may help some of you and it has also helped me myself think of ways i can help myself while writing this post. 

Last Christmas i was only four months into my recovery and i can say Christmas day didn't go as well as i was expecting. I cried in the kitchen during our meal while mum had to help me rationalize the thoughts. I have learnt my lesson to not expect things to go perfect and in fact this year i will probably not try over analyse it nor say "its going to be amazing and i will challenge myself to everything" as this only sets us up to fail. I'm just going to have what i want and not try beat myself up for having "too much".

If you have any other tips feel free to share them in the comments to help me and other who will struggle this Christmas.

lots of love 
Becca xx

self care box

A month since i last posted...

I am lost at the moment, not enjoying anything... It's a real struggle.

So for now while i'm lost within myself i have decided i'm going to do a series all about mental healthy recovery and ways in which people can help themselves feel stronger and more positive within themselves. in doing this i'm hoping that this will help not only you reading this  BUT me too with ways in which we can all help better our mental health.

So, today i have decided that i'm going to kick things off with  a "SAFE BOX"or a "DISTRACTION BOX" or a "HAPPY BOX"
Picture credited to

Ideas to put into your box

  1. positive quotes: these are very helpful to help reassure you things will get better and it helps ground you on those days you struggle the most. 
  2. photo album: this is amazing to see photos of fun days/ trips and good times you have had and can help you see that things will get better and you will have more happy days. 
  3. chocolate: now, chocolate is a life savior... it has chemicals in it that help you feel loved for and safe (whats better??)
  4. lavender essential oil: very calming/ relaxing scent can help calm the mind and also send you to sleep if your having issues sleeping.
  5.  motivational temporary tattoos// motivationaltattoos
hope you all try this out for yourself and take care of all your beautiful bodies!!

love Becca xx

*none of these photos are mine but i have tagged the web addresses as to where i found them.

Biscuiteers biscuits

hey, you lovely lot! 
Today I have a special Halloween post for you all to read and its about the BISCUITEERS day of the dead biscuit tin (Halloween box)! I was kindly gifted these biscuits to review for you all but ALL opinions are my own!

When i opened the box i found a beautiful tin that was designed beautifully, i was very impressed. My mum watched me opening it and said "such an unusual tin, yet so gorgeous" i looked at the tin for a good five minutes just taking it all in. 

Then came the good part, OPENING the tin! I came to the first layer...

 I saw three beautifully ices skulls, not one was the same. I was very impressed by the high quality of icing! Knowing for myself how hard it is to get such beautifully iced biscuits after icing my own a few weeks ago (they were a mess).

Each and every layer of biscuits was iced differently, this was a massive shock to me. I was expecting all of them to be iced the same but, no, i was very wrong. It's blown me away about how beautiful these have been iced and knowing for myself this would have taken hours to ice and bake. 

Even better than what they look like, they taste amazing! For me the taste is what i care about when eating something and its just an extra thing for it to look nice. I can say that i'm not a huge biscuit fan but these were amazing! It was also nice to tackle my eating disorder by having one of these biscuits especially since they tasted so gorgeous. 

Even my twin, who loves biscuits said how yummy they were (she has had her fair share of biscuits over the years) so this is saying something! She too said that these are the nicest iced biscuits she has ever had, she even felt bad eating one.

In the tin you get 12 unique biscuits all decorated differently. This tin retails for £39.50 which yes is pricey but more than worth the money. It works out to be £3.29 for each biscuit, BUT remember you  also get to keep the beautifully designed tin box for life.

Ingredients in the Day of the Dead Biscuit tin:

Biscuit: flour, butter, sugar, golden syrup, pasteurised egg, the best cocoa powder, vanilla pods or all spice.
Icing: icing sugar, water, meriwhite meringue powder, food colours.
Crunchy sugar: confectioner’s glaze, carnuba wax, food colours.

Allergy advice: contains wheat gluten, eggs and milk. Our biscuits are made in kitchens in which we also prepare lots of delicious things that include nuts and sesame seeds.

Delivery options:

UK standard royal mail delivery (2 - 3 working days): £3.90
UK weekday next day delivery, order by 1pm: £6.95
UK Saturday next day delivery, order by 1pm: £11.95
London same day courier: £15.00 - £25.0

The picture below can be clicked on to go visit the biscuiteers site and it would mean a lot if you bought even the simplest of things (doesn't need to be this box) as I get 7% commission which means I am able to review more products for you all and hopefully will be doing a GIVEAWAY SOON!! 

Lots of love Becca x

Personalised tea subscription box!

Hey everyone,
Today I want to talk to you about this awesome personalised UK tea company called Teagime. Teagime stands for Tea Regime, and they are the only provider of a personalised teatox programme in the UK. They believe that a one-size-fits-all tea may not meet your individual needs.

Two great Collection Cosmetics products!

Hey lovelies,

Today I thought I would share my love for two awesome Collection Cosmetics (who used to be called Collection 2000) products. Where can you buy them? Well, you can buy them from superdrug, boots. Currently you can't buy directly from the collection website but you can still look at all their products and also they have a section for tutorials where you can see how to use their products. Boots and superdrug usually have some sort of promotion on so that's where I buy my collection products.

Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit - review

Hey everyone,
Today I have a review of the Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit. Yes, it's been out for a few years but I have only just hopped on the band wagon with this kit.

Natural Collection Top Picks!

Hey lovelies,

Today I have a post all about my top picks from natural collection. All natural collections products are £1.99 and you can purchase them from Boots. natural collection was one of the first brands I ever tried when I got into makeup 4 years ago. They have been in my ever growing makeup collection ever since!

Back To Basics | guest post

Hello everyone, I’m Katie from where I post about everyday thoughts and occurrences, so I think that makes me a lifestyle blogger – not entirely sure! When Becca asked for some guest posts for her amazing blog (no wonder you all follow her, her writing is incredible) I was more than happy to volunteer.

A major part of my blogging comes from my life as a student at the University of Glasgow. During first year, I moved into halls and met a load of interesting people.

Guest post – We all need a little me time

Hey loves,
Today Emily has kindly written this guest post for me. If you don't know who she is she blogs at emilyybecca and you should all go check out her blog after you read this post awesome and helpful post!

Top tips for cloths shopping!

It may come to a surprise to you all that buy way too many clothes because I haven't posted a fashion haul, this is because I usually only buy one clothing item at a time.

Four ways to look after your body!

Hey everyone,
Lately I have been feeling under the weather and then I decided todo some research on ways I could help my body and I have decided to share the FOUR things I have discovered with you all. These are things we all should incorporate into our daily lives to stay fit and healthy both mentally and physically.

Top 10 autumn nail polish colours!

Hello everyone,
Hope you are all well and ready for the autumn weather that's fast approaching us, I know I'm excited for those warm jumpers, cozy nights in with a hot chocolate under a cozy blanket.  Today I decided to share with you my top 10 autumn nail polish shades!

5 reasons why relaxation is important

Hey loves,

Today i have decided as many people don't understand why it is so important to relax and de-stress after a long hard day at work/ school or after a stressful event.

August 2016 beauty favorites

Hey lovelies, how are you all?
So i have decided to start a new series and it will be a monthly one, all about my beauty favorites! I love reading these sorts of posts so thought, "why don't I write my own beauty favorites every month". Hope you all enjoy this new series.
                         August 2016 beauty favorites

Rosie's Wax Melts | Etsy series

Hey lovelies,

Today I am  kicking off my new blog series, it's a very exciting day for me! I have decided after I saw Imogen do an etsy series I thought "there are so many small etsy shops needing some love" and that's why i have decided to do a similar series.


Hey loves, 
If you follow me on Twitter (@beccaonblog) you know that I recently became apart of the GRLPOWR squad. GRLPOWR stands for Girl power....

Garnier skincare haul

Hey loves, 
Today I have a garnier skin care haul.  I saw garnier had a new range for dehydrated and sensitive skin and currently my skin is incredibly dry and needing rehydrated. Everything I have tried so far hasn't helped much at all. 

Bath products to help boost your mood

Hey everyone,
Today I wanted to share my love of baths and a few products I have been using recently and much enjoying for boosting my mood.

Rollasole Review | roll up shoes for after a night out

Hey loves,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the weather as it's finally decided to brighten up. As the weather has brightened up and the lovely people at Rollasole sent me these beautiful shoes I thought I would do a post on them.

Why I am no longer promoting coconut lane!

Hey loves,
Today I regret to say I am going to have to be honest to you as to why myself I'm pulling out of promoting coconut lane and why I took down my post about them.
Picture credit to Beth ( 

Products I'm loving by lush cosmetics!

Hey loves,
Today I have my first of many posts all about the things I'm lushing over from lush.

Fabulous money saving ideas on skincare

Hey, loves

Today i have a post about saving money with skin care. I know myself that skin care can easily get very expensive but it doesnt have to be incredibly expensive to work/help your skin. This post is good for those who are wanting to try new products and or are on a budget.

Great review of the Makeup Revolution blush palettes

Hey, loves
Today i bring you a post about the wonderful makeup revolution blush palettes. I am a massive fan of makeup revolution and the sister/ brother brands of makeup revolution (MUA and Freedom). They are all under the branch TAMBEAUTY. Everything is incredibly reasonably priced and great quality. They are all great brands to try if you're on a budget (or not) and want to try new brands or test of specific colours of products before splurging on something you have no idea would suit you.  

Top five bath and beauty products | guest post

Hey loves,
As you can see by the title today this is a guest post... so let me introduce you to Imogen who
blogs over at She blogs about lifestyle, fashion
and beauty. If you enjoy the way she writes be sure to head over to her blog and share the love and say Becca sent you!

Bath and beauty are the products I'm drawn to most when I'm strolling through town or scanning
some online shops and I thought I'd share my top 5 with you guys because I reckon I've found
some real gems and to make it even better, every product is under £10! Of course it's super
important that you pay attention to what you're using because everything is applied to your skin.
Everybody's skin is different, and if you're anything like me and your skin is hella sensitive then you'll know it's can be a struggle finding products that won't irritate you or bring you out in a rash -
especially bath products. I've mentioned 4 of these products in previous posts before so if you
want a more in depth view you can go and have a look. But anyway, let's get started!

No need to have a thigh gap to be stunning!

Hey guys, I wanted to write a post that would affect mostly everyone in this world except a small percentage and that is the so called thigh gap.

Online we are taught it is natural to have a thigh gap and its beautiful and when we have this thigh gap we will be happy, but is this really the case?

The greatest advice for succeeding with self love!

Hey loves,
Today I have decided to do a post on body positiviety with tips and tricks.

Many of you wont know but i have struggled and still sometimes struggle with anorexia I have battled with it for a year and a half. Now weight restored I struggle less daily. If you want any tips on recovering from anorexia or any other eating disorder let me know! If I was to do a series I will ask some of my online friends to help me make it the best all round content to be informative and helpful for you all.

Did you know, we as human beings have become accustomed to putting ourselves down and to pick out all our flaws. We rarely do it to other people and so why do we constantly feel like it’s okay to do it to ourselves?

Top Tips 

Introducing Myself

Hello loves,
Welcome to my brand new blog! This is where I will share everything I love from makeup to skincare to fashion to cooking and everything in between. I have also decided to have a submissions section so you can all submit your work to be noticed by a new audience and grow your blogs, Instagrams, Facebooks ect…. If you want to submit any of your work go to the submissions tab and you can find the form to submit your work!
I hope you all enjoy my new blog and you subscribe to my email list to catch up on behind the scenes and win giveaways I will host!
Love from

Becca x