Benefit Beams Review - guest post

Hi lovelies, 
I was over the moon to be invited by Becca to write a guest post on her blog beccasloveforlife. My name is Natalie and I run a blog called Island Beauty Junkie ( I am a total makeup junkie. I am addicted to buying new makeup and skincare products and love to review them on my blog.

Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks Review

Hey lovlies, 
Before I get into this post I just want to say that I have a new scheduled for blog posts! I am going to be turning out THREE posts a week, who's excited, I definitely am! What days are you thinking about doing you may be wondering, well I am thinking Monday, Wednesday and Saturday... what do you think? I will however be looking for more guest posts so if you want to be featured on my blog do let me know I will be aiming to have a guest post every Wednesday and this will be my way of thanking you all for reading.

I am beyond excited to do this review! I have been  using the Seventeen mega matte lipsticks since September when Seventeen kindly wanted to send me these lipsticks as well as the easy on the eyes palette which i have previously done a review on. Now when they contacted me i was over the moon to say the least. I had been a big fan of Seventeen for at least a year and when they contacted me i had only been blogging a month. Don't ask me why i never put this post up sooner, I guess I have just always had other posts to write about and but this in the back burner. Well today is the day you finally after nine months get to read it!

Mental Health Awareness week - Natalie's story

Hello, readers! 
My name is Natalie Benton from Gorgeous And Geeky (link).  In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week (8 May - 14 May), I was invited by Becca to write a guest post about my experience with mental health and where I am currently.  This post took me a lot of time and effort; I've never publicly spoken about my past.  Please be aware that this post may contain sensitive material, which could lead to heightened negative emotions. If you become upset or triggered while reading this, please stop reading and utilize the coping mechanisms that work for you.   Here we go...